Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monkey, Elephant and Giraffes!

During one of Royce's breaks from Texas we took the kids to the Zoo. Sawyer loved to see any animal. Stockton said his favorite animal was the giraffe because they have long necks. Sometimes I think the boys came from the Zoo.

I love this sign! Stockton wanted to know what it said. So I being the good mother read it to him. His reply was "what is breading?" Some kids are to smart for me and this one is way to smart for me!!! (I think I need some help, please feel free to give me FREE advice)
But I am stil not Sure how they expect WILD boys to be quiet at the Zoo!

East Family Reunion

The family reunion was fun! The kids loved to play with the cousins. Sawyer slept during the games but Stockton had fun with the pinnata, the 4 legged race, and the oreo game.

Catch UP!

So I say every year I am going to up date my blog every month, and every year I DON'T meet that goal!!!

This last few months have been busy. Royce has been in Texas for total of 8 weeks. It was hard for me and EXTREMILY hard for the boys. Sawyer would carry a family picture around and say Daddy! Royce took 3 trips to Texas and every time he would leave something would break! The first trip to Texas the washer and dry broke, I spent 3 week going to the laundry mat. (Which I learned to love since I could wash 7 loads of laundry at one time.)

Royce missed Easter, Fathers Day and part of July 4th. But I took lots of pictures so he could feel like her was there!

Coloring Easter Eggs!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This year Christmas as fun! Stockton was so excited to sit on Santaa lap. He has a list of presents for Santa to bring, but the thing he wanted most was a Stinky Garbage Truck!

Sawyer was not sure who Santa was and did not want to sit on his lap. He did not cry!

Christmas Eve Stockton was so excited he would not go to sleep. About 10:30 we layed down in the same bed and told Stockton to go to sleep, he said I don't know how. Royce told him to close his eyes and he said he forgot how to close his eyes. Stockton finally went to sleep.

On Christmas morning Stockton loved Stinky the Garbage Truck and Sawyer LOVED and I mean LOVED his toothbrush!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sawyers 1st Birthday

I have lost something very important and I would like it back. TIME. Not sure where it has gone but my little Sawyer bug has turned one. When Sawyer was opening his presents I think he was overwhelmed. We gave him a gift the younger kids helped him open it then we took it away and would given him another present. All he wanted to do was play with the toys. Sawyer had his own cake to make a mess with and he wanted nothing to do with it.


This year for Halloween all Stockton wanted to be was Toothless, the Dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. I looked everywhere for a Toothless costume and found nothing. So I got this great idea to take him to the store and see if you would be anything else. It did NOT work. Stockton folded his arms and stomped his feet and yelled (did I mention he YELLED!) I want to be Toothless or NOTHING! Thanks to my mom who is creative, Stockton was Toothless.
Sawyer being the cute stinky little brother was a Skunk! He was a cute Skunk, when he would leave his costume on.
The boys loved getting candy, and for weeks after halloween Stockton wanted to put on his Toothless costume and get candy!
Kids make holidays the BEST!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


When it came time to put in for the hunting season, Royce asked me where I wanted to put in for. My reply was great, so I thought, "where am I NOT going to draw." So when it came back that I drew a Henry's deer tag, I was NOT excited. Royce was MORE than EXCITED!

So to make a long story short I shot my first Deer.